Founded by professionals with wide experience in corporate and tax law, De Faro Caraciolo is recognised in the market for its excellence, integrity and the high quality of its legal services. It prides itself on its specialised structure, formed by professionals who are directly and exclusively dedicated to the interests of their clients, which allows for more efficient and objective working practices. With offices in São Paulo – the heart of Brazil’s economy – Recife – the heart of Brazil’s fast-growing north-eastern region – and Brasília – the capital of Brazil and where the Brazilian government and most of the regulatory and governmental bodies are located – the firm benefits from a dynamic structure that allows it to execute multidisciplinary cutting-edge legal projects as well as to provide on-the-ground legal advice about most of the complex issues affecting companies and individuals in Brazil.

De Faro Caraciolo is accredited as one of the most admired law firms by a prestigious international publication and recommended by the British government to legally assist in Brazil British individuals and companies:
List of Lawyers
  • Tax (including tax planning, tax benefits in Brazil and use of Double Tax Treaties);
  • Corporate law (including the incorporation of companies in Brazil, due diligences and mergers & acquisitions);
  • Brazilian central bank rules (including the injection of funds and the repatriation of profits from Brazil);
  • Asset planning for expatriates and individuals in general (including the compliance with tax obligations and Brazilian regulatory rules);
  • Bankruptcy & rehabilitation (including the recovery of credits for foreign creditors);
  • Capital markets (including IPOs);
  • Contracts (including all major and bespoke national and international contractual instruments);
  • Intellectual Property (including patents and trademarks);
  • Regulatory rules (including INMETRO, ANVISA, ANP, ANCINE, ANATEL, ANEEL etc.);
  • Sports law (including the registration with the Brazilian confederation of football – CBF, legal disputes with football clubs in Brazil, employment issues, arbitration and football disputes with CAS);
  • Family Law (including marriage regimes, wills, testaments and family succession plans for entrepreneurs and individuals in general);
  • Property Law (full due diligence on properties and all necessary support for individuals and companies to acquire properties in Brazil);
  • Professional director services in Brazil for the position of managing director and proxy holder for company’s registrations reasons;
  • Accounting services in general for companies.

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