About Cicero

CICERO is an established network of international independent law firms which provide links to high quality niche law firms principally in the corporate, commercial, and property sectors.

Cicero member firms offer expertise in a broad range of practice areas including:

  • Exceptional legal skills
  • Local knowledge of legal and commercial entrepreneurial business and language skills
  • Bi-lingual. Competent in native and English languages
  • Strong ethical code and best practice

Cicero prides ourselves as a group of highly professional, approachable and supportive members.

With a key focus on integrity, we guarantee an investment in membership will reap benefits for your firm. Allowing for independence, but giving a feeling of expanse.  

Cicero law firms are not in joint practice or in partnership. Each firm is autonomous and performs professional services on an independent basis. Through close collaboration Cicero provides a streamed service and an instant ability to cross-refer work to Cicero members in other countries.

Board members


Kristian Voie Danielsen


Jonas Zaronskis


Sebastian Schütz


Winston Wong


As a client you are guaranteed to receive a service from a member anywhere in the world as if they were on your door step.


Cicero’s dynamic creation of many firms acting as one allows firms to pass on benefits to their clients.

Cicero hosts a Junior Network. Alongside the main bi-annual conference is a side meet up of the aspiring next generation, integrating them in to the fold for the future.


Cicero takes our social and environmental responsibly seriously. Each firm makes contributions in their geographical location and aim be actively involved in their local community in a variety of ways

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