Change of name

Why do some individuals have to go on “crusades” and trample on the thresholds of the courts in order to change their name?

How to maintain a balance between preserving the Lithuanian language and ensuring equal rights for all those who want to change their names and surnames?

Is it really right that the new order, which came into force this year, distinguishes certain groups of society?

It seems that as the world globalizes, these issues will be more relevant and painful every time. Or will the order become more liberal and easier ?

It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of what is more important, the right of a person to change the surname or the preservation of the Lithuanian language. It is clear that both things are valuable, respectable and protective.

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Relevant Law

In Czech law, the Civil Code and the Business Corporations Act are relevant for determining the scope of duties and responsibilities of the statutory body.

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