Juscutum is a team of experts, practicing the most up-to-date jurisprudence, where everything is targeted at the result, efficiency and quality. We consult clients both in Ukraine and abroad. The partnership network includes Great Britain (London), the USA (New York), and Cyprus (Nicosia).

We assessed the clients’ needs and saw empty niches on the market, and those niches were filled through an inconvenient combination of legal services. Therefore, we have developed new fields of practice to respond to each individual situation. Even classical practices in our company are now tailored to meet the current needs of our clients. This is the core of our innovative approach.
There was a need for consultants capable of “translating” legal language into terms that are understandable to the business. Therefore, we then started the IT practice, the media law practice, as well as the legal business security practice. Those were the areas of expertise driving our further development. Today, each practice can provide a clear answer as to how can one and who exactly can benefit from our services.
We provide our staff with training in management and business processes so they can provide a specific business with an applicable advice in concrete circumstances rather than simply refer to general legal provisions.
We also take time to follow and implement all modern trends in legal services so that one day, when artificial intelligence enters Ukrainian legislation, we will remain useful to the business in Ukraine.
Juscutum is the first legal firm in Ukraine to accept Bitcoin payments.
Juscutum is the first company in Ukraine to provide legal services to start-ups in exchange for an option.
Juscutum launched the first legal-service mobile application in Ukraine – the Juscutum Legal Alarm.

In our approach, we follow technologies and leading management methods. Our priority is to provide a Client with more than just legal advice, we aim to develop the problem solution for the Client. That is why we represent absolutely new legal practices in addition to the standard ones: management of conflicts, business security, taxation and business performance, TMT, blockchain projects support. It is connected with the development of related competencies by our lawyers, which enable us to get a broader view of the tasks set by our Clients.

Justutum is actively developing product-orientated jurisprudence. We develop our own technological solutions and offer products that are not typical for consulting companies (StuffBot, Legal Alarm, TradeBot, PatentBot).
  • IP & Data Protection
  • International Business Administration
  • Family Disputes
  • Full legal support of the ICO
  • Jurisdictional analysis and recommendations on the choice of jurisdiction to register the ICO company
  • Investment protection
  • Dispute management
  • White-collar crime ​
  • Legal assessment of risks in the company ​
  • Anti-corruption compliance ​
  • Consistent procedures (audit) ​
  • Corporate и Tax & Business efficiency ​

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Artem Afian
+380 44 359 0896