Vialegis Abogados

VIALEGIS is a firm of lawyers and tax consultants founded in 2000.

It has always been an independent firm and has become well-established in many different areas of law.

Due to its size and extensive specialization, VIALEGIS Abogados is now one of the top medium-size law firms in Spain, with offices in Barcelona and Madrid with over 25 lawyers.

Our lawyers have the recognition by the most prestigious international Directories such as Best Lawyers and Legal 500.

The following aspects distinguish our firm:
  • Personal service: The firm is characterized by the personal attention of the partners and their team collaborators during the legal advice service.
  • Quick response when handling transactions: Time is an extremely important factor in all transactions, it is part of the cost of doing business and we are aware of that.
  • We endeavour to achieve practical, tangible results: Our clients see the benefits of our work through truly satisfactory results.
  • Technical quality and training: Material and IT resources and ongoing staff and client training keep our firm at the cutting edge.
  • Independence: This is one of our key features and is vital to our firm. We need to remain independent in order to better protect our clients’ interests and provide the exclusive service required for this trust-based relationship.
  • Commercial and financial law
  • Tax law
  • Litigation law and arbitration
  • Insolvency
  • Property law
  • Competition law
  • Employment law
  • Information Technology law
  • Industrial and intellectual property law and international law

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Ignacio Castellar
+34 932801144