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Cuesta via Chambers Europe 2023

We are pleased to announce that Cuesta Law Firm and the firm’s lawyers have been recognized by the prestigious and one of the largest international legal review publications, The Legal 500. Law firm partners Lada Riisna and Britta Oltjer-Jaadla have been recognized as leading legal advisors in the field of dispute resolution. For the first time, Cuesta Law entered the list of Estonian law firms that have been recognized in the mentioned field. The publication highlights that Lada Riisna and Eva Mägi are experienced practitioners in the financial law disputes, as well as in project finance and banking law, specializing primarily in regulatory issues.  Jaak Siim was recognized as a next generation partner in the field of tax. The release states that the Cuesta Law Office covers a range of tax services, from defending tax-related actions to advising clients on matters such as VAT taxation on small boat transactions. Jaak Siim regularly engages with representing clients in tax disputes and audits before the Tax and Customs Board. We would like to thank all clients and partners for whom and with whom the work done has helped us to receive recognition!

Cuesta Law Office – Chambers Europe 2023 recognition in the field of tax law

The prestigious international independent professional legal research company Chambers Europe 2023 has recognized Cuesta Law Office for its high-quality work in the field of tax law.Individually, Cuesta attorney at law and partner Jaak Siim has also been recognized for outstanding results in the same field for several consecutive years. We thank our clients for their excellent cooperation and continued trust

Cyprus legislation

Did you know that the Cyprus legislation on trusts does not impose any restrictions on neither the appointment nor the powers of protectors? This is something which gives a great degree of flexibility to the settlors on the one hand to appoint whoever they trust on this position and on the other hand to grant such person any powers, which under all circumstances should be explicitly provided in the trust deed. Our firm can provide advice and assistance on a wide array of issues concerning Cyprus International Trusts, including the appointment of protectors as well as drafting of specialised trust deed provisions.

The cooperation breaks down after the conclusion of the agreement: what now?

When entering into an agreement, an attempt is usually made to record the rights and obligations of the parties as well and completely as possible. Even if the provisions of the agreement or the conclusion of the agreement itself have been thought through, it is natural that not everything goes as expected. What can you do then? Martijn van de Zand discusses the possibilities in the blog here.

Importance of Collection Strategy: Ensuring Judgement Collection

Knowing the available judgment collection methods is important when setting realistic expectations for a case. This is equally helpful for attorneys who regularly take contingency fee cases or operate with flexible billing arrangements. The collectability of a potential judgment determines whether a case is worth filing and the amount of resources that should be allocated to the matter. Understanding the available collection methods available to the plaintiff (and potential creditor) is pertinent to properly framing a case for collection.

Forewarned — armed

From January 5, 2023, the rules for maintaining military registration of conscripts, conscripts and reservists have been updated.Most of the rules governing the issues of record keeping existed in the previous edition. But there are certain changes, for example: Updating the rules of military registration at the enterprise. The head of the enterprise must carry out military registration or appoint a person responsible for this. Enterprises transfer data about employees once a year to law enforcement agencies.The procedure for military registration of women has been updated. Stricter rules have been established for registering women with a medical or pharmaceutical specialty. Therefore, the obligation to register concerns women – doctors and pharmacists. More changes can be found in the article by Yulia Liashko, a lawyer in the practice of Business Support

Firing and Re-Hiring

The government has published for consultation a draft Code of Practice, prepared by ACAS. What does this mean?

Estate planning

Capital gains tax rules are changing – now’s the time to revisit your will or #LPA. We take a look at what changes are on the way and why now is the time to plan ahead.

Did you know that now about 10% of LGBT people serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

In a traditional marriage, a woman or man has the right to receive information about the partner’s stay or health. But in partnerships there are no such opportunities. So it’s almost impossible to get information about your partner’s condition or visit him in the hospital. To resolve these issues, lawyers have developed a partnership agreement. A special document that regulates relations between partners. Its purpose is to recreate the institution of marriage. Yulia Liashko, a lawyer of business support practice, told more on this topic. Link 📌

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